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The NSW Government is urging people not to donate unwanted goods to communities affected by the floods.

Minister for Police and Emergency Services David Elliott is asking Good Samaritans to take advantage of the official partnership in place between the NSW Government and GIVIT, to assist with managing donated money and offers of goods and services.

“When we witness devastation, it is human nature to do anything we can to help. One of the key things we ask is that people don’t take unrequested items into storm and flood-impacted areas. We need to ensure local charities and recovery organisations aren’t inundated with donations they don’t need,” Mr Elliott said.

“The NSW Government and GIVIT, are working together alongside charities to assess need and advise what critical and immediate material support is required.”

Commissioner Fitzsimmons said people are encouraged to help communities in times of need, and the best way they can do this is via the official donations channel.

“Our partnership with national non-for-profit GIVIT, allows councils, outreach teams, local charities and community groups to tell us exactly what’s needed. Then, we work to meet these needs through an online warehouse, or by purchasing requested items locally using donated funds.

“We acknowledge that people want to help, however dropping off physical goods puts a strain on communities and charities, trying to sort through the goods,” Commissioner Fitzsimmons said.

To donate or learn more about GIVIT’s ‘Severe Storms and Flooding’ Appeal, visit

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