Calls for Emergency Ward to be included in new Rouse Hill Hospital

Sign the petition if you want public emergency facilities available at the new Rouse Hill Hospital

There are currently no plans for an emergency ward to be built in the new, multimillion dollar Rouse Hill Hospital project, but two federal members are petitioning to get this changed.

Greenway MP Michelle Rowland has begun a petition, backed by Macquarie MP Susan Templeman, saying an emergency unit is essential in a growth area with a booming population.

They also want to ensure existing emergency services in Blacktown and Hawkesbury are not overwhelmed, which could lead to residents competing for treatment.

“Riverstone, Schofields and Vineyard are rapidly expanding, and yet the closest emergency department is at Windsor, while the closest public hospital in Blacktown City with an emergency ward is near the Blacktown CBD,” Ms Rowland said.

Ms Templeman pointed out thousands of people have moved to the north-west area in recent years and “to think that plans exist for a new hospital for the area without an emergency ward just seems incredible”.

“One of the obvious consequences of failing to provide an essential emergency department is that more people will land at the door of Hawkesbury Hospital,” Ms Templeman added.

“The last thing Hawkesbury residents need is to be competing with patients from the rapidly expanding north-west when they need emergency treatment.”

Ms Rowland said residents in the north-west should have the same quality healthcare services as people living in other parts of Sydney which “means having access to emergency treatment close to home”.

“It’s unacceptable, and local families deserve better,” Ms Rowland said.

Sign the petition online at

Picture: Federal MPs Michelle Rowland (left) and Susan Templeman are petitioning for a public emergency ward to be included in the new Rouse Hill Hospital.

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