Smash down brekkie at Marayong Heights PS

Marayong Heights Public School began its own Breakfast Club on 9 June, after identifying a large number of its students experienced "food poverty". The free breakfasts are held to ensure children are ready to start their day of learning with a healthy, nutritious meal. The Breakfast Club runs in partnership with Foodbank, Australia's largest food relief charity, as MHPS students explain.

By MHPS students Zahrah Meedin and Devaki Patel

It was a pleasure and privilege for our community of Marayong Heights Public School (M.H.P.S) to celebrate the launch of our new Breakfast Club Program last month.

Students arriving for breakfast.

More than 30 students participated in this event where students are given the opportunity to enjoy a free breakfast at school.

This program takes place every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30am to 8:50am.

We had quite a few volunteers help out in the program including our Student Leadership Team and many parents from the school community who welcomed our special guests and served the food.

We were fortunate enough to have a variety of meals, including toast spread with Vegemite, jam and butter. We also had a wide range of cereal including Weet-Bix, Cornflakes and even Sultana Bran. This was just on the very first day!

It was a great success for both students and volunteers.

As one of the participants said, “I adore enjoying breakfast with my friends at school and seeing how so many people that are able to help out and participate without the worry of money and the rush in the morning.”

Some of the happy customers enjoying their healthy breakfast in the meal room.

Our parent volunteers were also pleased with the new initiative, one of whom explained, “I seriously relished the moment when I could see students just enjoying their breakfast and eating healthy, at the same time coming early and attending every single day of school.”

Mr Jorge Rodas, the organiser and Relieving Assistant Principal said there was a big need in our community for this club, as students were coming to school without having breakfast.

“Research shows that a nutritious breakfast will have a positive impact on a child’s mental and physical health, which will help students to engage and participate in school every day,” Mr Rodas said.

The first day of the Breakfast Program was a huge success and is a great advantage towards encouraging the attendance of students we hope to see in the future.

All hands on deck. Student leaders preparing breakfast in the canteen.

We want to express our highest gratitude towards Foodbank NSW & ACT for donating all the food for the Breakfast Club through their School Breakfast 4 Health program.

We also want to say a huge thank you to the team from Blacktown Inner Wheel for its generous donation to support the implementation of the program.

What other students had to say: 

“It’s great to come to school early and have breakfast with my friends,” said Dillan, 8.

“I like having my cup of milk,” said Maddison, a kindergarten student.

“The food is yummy,” said Neziah, 6.

“The food is delicious and I like hanging out with my friends eating breakfast together,” said Alex, a year 3 student.

“It’s great to provide a variety of cereals and toasts which will help students stay healthy and strong,” said Lucas, School captain.

“Students loved getting the free breakfast and they loved spending time with their friends,” said Michelle, student leader.

“It’s wonderful to see kids excited to come to the Breakfast Club in the morning and it’s good to see that kids enjoy the food,” said Kade Vice captain.

Main picture: Students, staff and volunteers at the Marayong Heights PS Breakfast Club launch.

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