States clashed in aerial championships

Thrilling barrel rolls and aerial combat played out in the skies above Whalan Reserve at the Control Line Aircraft Society’s NSW State Championships.

Entrants came from as far as Queensland and the ACT to challenge NSW fliers in contesting the state titles in Aerobatics and Combat at the Jim Hanshaw Oval.

Greg Ardill, from the Doonside Aeromodellers Club, said the clear days were ideal for this year’s event.

“The weather for the Queen’s Birthday weekend is often unfavourable but this year gave next to perfect if somewhat cold conditions,” he said.

The F2B aerobatics was held on Saturday and Sunday in near perfect air and after four rounds the results were:

1st Murray Howell
2nd Brian Eather
3rd Bruce Hoffmann

1st Steve Thomas
2nd Geoff Van Kampen
3rd Don Keysekker

Monday saw the Classic and Vintage models line up in continued great conditions, with results being:

1st Reg Towell
2nd Garry Lynch
3rd Geoff Van Kampen

1st Brian Eather
2nd Frank Battam
3rd Don Keysekker

Slow Combat
1st Maryann Stewart
2nd Trent McDermott
3rd Bob Phippen

1st Rob Owen
2nd Mike Comiskey Sen
3rd Trent McDermott

Open Combat
1st Rob Owen
2nd Mike Comiskey Sen
3rd Trent McDermott

1/2A Combat
1st Richard Justic
2nd Rob Owen
3rd Ross Middleton

Vintage Combat
1st Bob Phippen
2nd Mike Comiskey Sen
3rd Maryann Stewart

Photos by Sara Siwaporn and Greg Ardill.

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