Sandy thrives in making a difference

By Lorna Gordon

As a mother of two children with special needs, I know the value of a support network to help you out, so I was thrilled to speak to Sandy Golder, one of the founders of the Thrive Tribe & Co community network.

Thrive Tribe & Co supports parents of children with special needs and helps them to feel valued, loved and supported. They run online and in person meet ups, wellness programs and retreats for mums.

It all started when Sandy put up a video of herself quoting the fatality statistics for mothers of children with additional needs, which went viral. Sandy found herself contacted by hundreds of women and decided to do something to help to make changes about the statistics.

She had a plan in her head for what she wanted to achieve and was talking to Steph, the other half of Thrive Tribe & Co, at a networking event.

Steph confided in Sandy about a traumatic meltdown her daughter had at gymnastics and the two of them instantly understood what it was like to go through that experience, so Sandy told her new friend her idea to help mothers.

“I told her my idea and drew it out on a napkin at the meeting. I drew a health wheel and how we could teach it to mums, and she looked me in the eyes and she said, ‘I’m in’. We didn’t even know each other!”

Lack of a joint history didn’t stop these two determined women and before long, Thrive Tribe & Co was born. To begin with the two of them designed specific online programs for women to follow at home, including specific 28 day courses looking at resilience, nourishing your body and stress management. These courses are designed to provide the support and skills women need to keep them healthy and happy.

“Unfortunately, for whatever reason, carers are not getting enough support. We get mums coming to us that are at breaking point, we want to reach them before that, teach mums skills they can use before they get to that point.”

Part of the support they offer is weekend retreats to give exhausted Mums a break from caring for everyone and look after themselves for a change. Sandy was nominated as a Westfield Local Hero and was one of the lucky winners, getting a $10,000 grant to use in the organisation.

Sandy and Steph are using the grant to take 10 women away on a retreat for free over the next year, something which will be well received in their community.

Sandy and Steph want to spread the word about Thrive Tribe & Co so they can reach and support as many people as possible. They have a fabulous online presence that you can join, and organise regular online meetings, webinars and, now that lock down is lifted, face to face catch up’s. You can find them at on Facebook and at online.

Sandy and Stephanie are the founders of Thrive Tribe & Co

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