Windsor sewer station switched off


Hawkesbury City Council has switched off Sewer Pump Station C (located at 94A Macquarie Street Windsor) due to flooding as a result of the extreme wet weather event.

Council is conducting regular checks also on manhole covers in local streets and advises the community to refrain from any water activities in the sewer catchment areas including Windsor, South Windsor, McGraths Hill, Pitt Town, Bligh Park, Windsor Downs and Clarendon.

Please notify Council by calling 4560 4444 if a manhole cover is seen dislodged. Dislodged manhole covers are being barricaded. Members of the public are advised to not drive through roads covered by water and to take alternative routes where possible.

Picture: Windsor Bridge going under, morning of Thursday, 3 March. By Kath Johnston.

Illness prevention during and after the flood or sewage backup

If you are faced with cleaning up an area that has been flooded or contaminated with sewage, you may be concerned about the health risks associated with this activity. Follow these steps to reduce your risk:

• Wash your hands after every contact with the flooded area, after using the toilet, and before eating.
• Wash hands under warm running water.
• Use liquid soap.
• Lather hands for at least 20 seconds.
• Dry hands with a paper towel.
• Have hand sanitiser available.
• Follow appropriate sanitizing procedures.
• Use diluted bleach to sanitise contaminated areas and objects.
• Discard cloth items that cannot be laundered, like stuffed animal toys or pillows.
• Open windows and use fans to ventilate the contaminated area.
• Keep pets out of the flooded area to prevent them from tracking sewage to other areas.
• Dispose of rubbish, including objects like toys and clothing, in leak proof bags and label as contaminated with sewage. Large items that cannot be bagged, such as furniture or carpet, should also be labelled as contaminated with sewage. Warning labels, attached to rubbish that is placed at the curb for pickup, will help prevent other people from salvaging these items.
• Contact your doctor, after hours GP service or hospital if you become ill.

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