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Julie Ryan

Owner / Publisher

Julie is the owner/publisher of the Independent Magazines, overseeing the sales side of the business and managing her own client portfolio. She is an advocate for small business, and a strong believer in sharing positive news and the great stories that happen every day within our amazing communities.

David Burnet

Advertising Sales

David’s background in marketing and national sales with companies such as Speedo combined with his experience of owning and running a retail business in Windsor gives him a great understanding of how local businesses can work with the media.

Myee Lallyette

Advertising Sales

Myee has been a much-loved and vital part of the Independent furniture since the inception of both magazines. Loyal to her clients, Myee is focused on helping her clients build their businesses using her experience in publishing.

[us_testimonial style=”4″ author=”Tony” company=”Windsor”]If we want results we advertise in the Hawkesbury Independent as we are always guaranteed results. It has never let us down in the last 4 years. It is the type of publication that hangs around for more than a day and actually has interesting things to read.[/us_testimonial]

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